About Prairie Exotics

Prairie Exotics has a passion for keeping and breeding exotic and some not so exotic reptiles, amphibians and insects.With one of the largest and most diverse collections in Manitoba we entertain and educate people of all ages across the province. In addition to the reptiles and insects that we breed for pets we also breed a number of feeder insects to make sure our pets are getting the most nutritious food possible! Take a look at the Breeding section to find out what we have in the incubators! We have a constantly evolving collection of lizards, snakes, turtles/tortoises, amphibians, arachnids/invertebrates, insects, and many others. Please enjoy meeting our family of pets in the Collection section and make sure to check back frequently as our family is always growing. We share our passion for exotic reptiles and insects by providing birthday party packages, school and daycare programs as well as display shows for special events. Make sure to check our Parties & Shows section for more information on all the presentations we offer. We manufacture our own high protein Bug Food great for gut loading your feeder insects or as a regular maintenace food and have various other Products available in our Store to help you care for your pet or feeder insects!!