Prairie Exotics Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you again for bringing your friends to Alex’s birthday party! The kids had a great time and loved every minute! We will spread the word – very unique and interesting party idea!” – Party Mom

“Thank you so much for the show yesterday at my daughter’s birthday! She had a blast! She was so excited about you letting her hold the tarantula. She said that was her favourite part! You are so good with the kids and very knowledgeable. We all loved the show so much and would highly recommend you! My daughter now wants a tarantula (which I won’t let her get, lol) but I think we would like to buy one of those crested geckos. Again, thank you so much for coming yesterday! I know you weren’t feeling great but you would have never known it. Great job!” – Party Mom

“Thanks Steve and Prairie Exotics!! Best birthday ever for our 7 year old! We had so much fun and thought you did an amazing job!!” – Party Mom

“Mr. Charisma doing his thing….. These are the only pictures I took. I’ve been in this game a long time and the way you captivated your audience isn’t something I’ve seen very often. Kudos to you!” – Dan Fryer @ Rural Animal Management Services

“I would love to do something again in the future Steve. You are a natural for this kind of thing. You do so much good getting the word out about these amazing creatures. You should do a TV gig. I on the other hand, am a big weenie, but it makes for fun video! Let me know when you are doing cool stuff and thanks again for being so great Friday keeping me safe.” – Doug Speirs @ Winnipeg Free Press

“Thank you again for your work with the Halloween Howl Steve! Your mass assortment of creatures is always great. We sold out the event again reaching over 600 guests. Thanks to your help they were delighted and entertained while here. We’ll be talking again in the near future for our next event. Thanks!” – Luke Cecelon @ Children’s Museum

“You guys rock! I love what you do, not only for the entertainment, but for the reptiles of course! Super cool presentation at our son’s birthday party on Saturday! Thanks guys, we’ll be spreading the word!” – Party Mom

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation at our son’s birthday party yesterday. The kids couldn’t stop talking about the animals afterwards and now our son wants to adopt Cletus. We very highly recommend Prairie Exotics!!” – Party Mom

“Thanks Prairie Exotics!! You put on a great show today and thanks for all your patience with a group of 6 year old girls. My daughter loved her birthday party!!!” – Party Mom

“Prairie Exotics put on a great show for a pile of kids who were totally enraptured with the snakes, tarantula, frogs, gecko, dragon and other creatures. And the birthday boy got to hold his favourite – the sugar glider!” – Party Mom

“Wow! What a great day at the ****** house! We can’t thank you enough, you did such an amazing job! What you do is so special, and you are absolutely wonderful with the kids, even though they were pretty crazy! You absolutely made Nolan’s 7th birthday his best one by far! Thank you so much!” – Party Mom

“My Lil boy is still talking a year later about his birthday presentation. Best birthday party yet!” – Party Mom

“Thank you so much Prairie Exotics for another awesome reptile show and this time in a classroom setting! I heard the children were still talking about all of the reptiles after recess. The educational assistants told me it was so much fun and their teacher, who had a lot of classroom pressure to “pet” the legless lizard, said it was a lot of fun too! I’m sure the experience will definitely be remembered by all.” – Party Mom

“Thanks so much for coming out to our classroom yesterday! We now have some gr 1 & 2 students who “want to be just like the reptile guy when they grow up”. 🙂 You have truly chosen the right path in teaching kids about these spectacular creatures!” – Teacher

“THANK YOU for such a wonderful presentation at my son’s school yesterday. Your passion for your animals is evident just by how you can so easily captivate everyone’s attention with your humour and knowledge about each one of your pets. The kids and teachers alike were in awe and have been commenting how much fun it was. So very much appreciated! Thanks again!” – Student’s Mom